Stepping outside with strobes.

Decided to finally take my vagabond II and White Lightning X800 Ultra Zaps outside for some playtime in some BEAUTIFUL mid-high 60 degree weather! Luckily, my good friend Jeff Feola brought up his ’93 Alfa Romeo 164s (very limited italian four door), so we drove around looking for places to shoot it. After an absolutely heavenly experience at F40 motorsports in Portland, CT- we decided to go near the Portland Bridge to take some shots. After having an ironic run in with a speciality exotic shop with not one, not two- but THREE Alfa Romeo Spiders on the lot (a car I’ve been seeking at a good price for about 6 months now) we decided to go right under the bridge and pop some shots out, after getting permission from the owner.

After leaving this lovely location, we left and went back to my place to play some Gran Turismo 5 and relax with this nice spring air coursing through the house. After a bit my friend Mike got ahold of me, and asked me if he wanted me to shoot our friend Jake’s Prelude. After a quick yes, we bolted back down to Watertown. Here’s what we came up with after about an hour. Kudos to Mike and Jake for picking out the spot! Click each image to see each car’s set on my flickr.

BIG thanks to Kyle Scheidel for some post processing tips for some of these. Thanks again Kyle!


About travisrockphotography
My name is Travis Rock, and I'm a 20 year old photographer.

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