Being productive before class.

Let me precede this by saying I am beyond thrilled about this! This group shot of the lovely stylists at Jessica’s Color Room in Middletown, CT, is going to be posted on a billboard somewhere in CT! The location is TBD, but this will be updated with a location and picture when I find out!

Now the background story:

I was at work Tuesday when my friend Gina- one of the stylists at Jessica’s Color Room- contacted me via text message. She said she needed a big favor and asked if I would be available to take some pictures at the salon for her. I obliged- naturally. Having not seen her in a while and being able to take pictures in a fashion-based environment is always exciting to me. Fashion and glamour are two fields of portraiture I take a lot of interest in, and one day- hope to pursue professionally. I agreed to Gina’s request and told her I’d love to. She then mentioned the group shot would be published on a billboard. This sealed the deal for me.

Charging my batteries and getting everything ready- I headed over to the salon on Newfield St. – about a 10 minute drive for me. I got there, saw Gina, she introduced me, and started setting up shop. I used a Beauty Dish into a UZ800 as a keylight and a UZ800 camera right behind a mirror with a 7″ reflector as a hard hair light/rim light. Unfortunately my replacement flashtube for my third strobe hadn’t come in yet at this point, so I couldn’t light the back wall as I wanted to.

We did some quick portraits/headshots/couple shots preceeding the group shot to loosen everybody up and give them a nice new Facebook picture or some new pictures to put up in the salon.

Here’s one of Gina (arguably one of my favorite from the set), click the picture for the rest of the set.

We then follow up the headshots with a few different arrangements of the group shot. One centering around Colin (the only male stylist there), Jessica and Colin, and just Jessica (the owner)- and a formal group shot- as the other two were more fun than serious.

Big shout out to all the stylists there- they all did a great job! Click the pictures for the rest of the set to see the other headshots and such. Pictures will be uploaded to the website and available for purchase by Saturday night!


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My name is Travis Rock, and I'm a 20 year old photographer.

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