Formula Drift: Atlanta.

One of my favorite weekends of all time? Possibly. Met some cool people? Definitely. Awesome Experiences? That’s a given.
I had the oppurtunity last week to attend my first drift event, as well as shoot it for

My friends and I made the hike down from CT to GA in a dumped Evo X on gram lights. Very comfortable car to ride in. We left at around 10pm Wednesday, and arrived at our hotel in Buford, GA at about 12pm Thursday afternoon. Pat drove non-stop throughout the night (like the boss he is) and only making stops for gas, we made it in relatively good time.

After avoiding almost running out of gas in the middle of NOWHERE (as seen above), the rest of the trip was relatively smooth sailing- sans the run-in with the 5-0 on the backroads in NY about an hour into our trip. After hours and hours of driving, we ended up at the Courtyard Marriot in Buford. Hallelujah.

Note the layer of brake dust on the front wheels. Ridiculous.

After Connor, Pat, Tommy and I finished unpacking the car, we walked in and got our room keys.

The hotel lobby was pretty nice. Off to the left you can see a little bistro thing they had opened during the day and early evening for fresh sandwiches and stuff.

Our hotel room was pretty comfortable for the size. Free wifi, nice comfy bed, decent view for a few days.

Now- onto the cars.

Right after we checked in I went to the will call trailer to get my media bracelet and stuff for the next day’s practice. Skip Barber racing school is directly next to / incorporated with the Road Atlanta track and we pulled in to see some F2000 cars ripping it around the track. It was like walking through the gates of heaven. Lucky for us, the drivers and teams were in the paddock setting up for the next days practice and relaxing.

The minute we walked into the paddock area we saw what you see above. Zenki S14 with a Rocket Bunny kit and LS swap. You may know the driver if you’re into drifting- his name is Matt Powers. 😉

Turning right after Power’s S14 was this Mustang. Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Monster’s little side project- which they finally ripped on a track the other day (for details, see the fellows over at Speedhunters).

After the RTR-X, you turned around to see the Falken cars, followed by rows and rows and rows of other trailers and teams. For all of the shots from the paddock, check out my flickr by clicking the pictures or my website for a full gallery where you can download and save them as wallpapers, or order prints if you need some new decorations for your walls, office, garage, etc.

After finding a good spot near the wall and a few generators at the entrance of the first corner for practice the next day, I started blasting away and working on my panning shots.

In between practice, there was an autograph session down in the paddock for the drivers. I went down there to try and get some candid portraits of them.

For the rest of the shots from the practice day, click the pictures for the rest.

After peeling my shirt off my body and getting into some shenanigans in Atlanta with some friends on Friday night, I woke up the next morning with borderline sun poisioning. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a pain greater than putting my shirt on that day, but I’d rather not do that ever again- from now on, sunblock will be in my camera bag.

The day of the race I took another walk around the paddock to try and catch the atmosphere of the competition that seemed to have moved in over night.

After that, I found my way to the track and started catching some of the first practices from the pro guys.

After this, they started with the actual bracketed races.

Unfortunately I had to leave after these shots and I didn’t get to see the end (Daijiro did end up winning) , but- I left with this:

I can’t wait for FD: Jersey.


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My name is Travis Rock, and I'm a 20 year old photographer.

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  1. Sydney says:

    This is sooo great 🙂 Good job, Trav!

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