Maria and Greg Campo’s Wedding.

This post is incredibly late- I’ve been slacking off and relaxing due to this semi-depressing rain we’ve been getting and cold weather. I’m finally getting around to this and a few other blogs I’ve been meaning to post.

I woke up at about 7am, and of course, as with all my weddings- couldn’t sleep at all. I met with Maria at Dolce salon and spa in waterbury to snap a few getting ready shots before heading off to her house for more, and to meet up with my assistant Justin Clark (who became more frequently known as Justin Bieber, or JB throughout the night) and my friend Josiah Miller who was back-up shooting for me.

After a very brief few shots at the salon, we met at Maria’s parent’s house for some getting ready shots and candids.

The maid of honor tried to avoid the camera- the results were honestly quite good!

In case you haven’t caught on by now- but I love the detail shots. I feel these give you a great behind the scenes look and show you more about the bride and groom, and their family.

After getting everything ready, I was finally able to get a shot I’ve wanted to for quite some time with my 135 F2 L.

After all the ladies were done getting ready, Josiah headed over to the grooms house to capture some family shots over there, and some shots of the bride to be’s ring after we grabbed a few quick portraits outside. (Thank you Josiah for letting me borrow your reflector and holding it for me, helped a ton!)

And off she went!

After arriving at the hall, we had quite a bit of time to spare, so JB and I set up the photobooth in the reception area.

After setting all the strobes and stuff up, we went back upstairs to get some candid shots in the bridal suite.

After snapping a few, JB helped me meter my flash for some group shots inside. We had a little fun.

When everyone filled their bellies with some appetizers brought up, and they FINALLY turned the heat off and the AC on, we lined everyone up on the stairs for some group shots.

After I managed to sneak a quick shot of Mrs. Pacheco’s corsage:

When Josiah met up with us, we went outside to scout the tent area where it looked as if the ceremony was going to be. Mother nature decided to not cooperate with us and it started raining a bit so they decided it’d be best if they planned for the ceremony under the tent- possibly the next worst thing to a completely blinding sunny day.

Josiah stood in as my model for flash metering during the ceremony- which the bride so graciously let us use. Thanks Maria!

Following this, the boy’s got their boutonniere’s put on.

Almost 20 minutes later, everyone was seated, and they began the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we mingled outside with the guests during cocktail hour and got some candids, including the harp player that was there- who did an amazing job.

After a short cocktail hour- we made our way to the gardens after the rain finally stopped for some bridal party shots- including bridal portraits- and this is where I fell in love with my 50 1.4, and was EXTREMELY glad it was cloudy out- thank you for the diffusion cloth, weather. The big white tent we were standing in front of acted as a nice bounce card too. Couldn’t have gotten luckier with the light.

The shot above was arguably one of my favorite shots of the day.

This little guy got preoccupied very quickly.

Following these shots we meandered into the reception hall and everyone made their entrances.

Following these they broke right into the first dance;

I then made my way around and got more of my favorite shots – the little things.

Greg’s aunt made a toast to him and Maria;

to which Greg reacted to the same as i- with tears.

The best man’s turn was next, and he tried his best not to cry, with frequent pauses. Him and Greg are really close- arguably something very close but short of brothers- the only difference being blood.

Rachel followed with a speech that lightened the mood for everyone and made smiles circulate throughout the tables.

Following Rachel’s, Maria had a toast to her husband and all the guests, thanking them for coming and being part of their family.

After a delicious dinner and few glasses of vino, the dancing started. Thanks to the awesome DJ we had.

After a little dancing myself, I asked the bride and groom for their rings to get a few shots of them together.

The ladies loved Bieber, I’ll tell you that much.

After winding everyone up, it was time for cake.

Greg was a true gentleman and didn’t make a mess at all, neither did Maria- he did get quite a thank you for that.

After they had their cake, they started the music for the Father/Daughter dance- which was a beautiful sight to behold.
Mr. Pacheco loves his daughter very much, and was proud to see her getting married to a great guy like Greg. I can imagine for any father it’s hard to give your baby girl a way.
His dance with his newlywed daugther was tear jerking for everyone involved- I found myself wiping my eyes a few times as well.

Halfway through the song, there was a nice change of pace with an upbeat song to lighten the mood.

Then back to the original song;

After Maria and her dad, it was the Mother/Son dance.

And then- the garter.

Then the bouquet toss;

The little girl in the white dress who’s almost about to faceplant ended up with the bouquet, so they had to do a re-toss;

Rachel ended up with it after all the carnage. Right after this, was the garter toss;

Shenanigans followed directly after;

Uh oh. He put the garter on the wrong leg. What’s that mean?

His turn!

Following this the DJ announced the photobooth, were Josiah and I spent the last 30-45 minutes.

Bieber’s second scandalous picture!

While I was popping some shots off, I turned around and caught Josiah snapping away:

followed by her busting out into the macarena:

and a big thank you to my main guys;

Justin, our fantastic DJ (who’s name I forgot, sorry mate!) and Josiah! Best crew to work with, DJ was super helpful and did a great job, and my other two guys helped a ton. Thanks guys!
And, of course;

Thank YOU, to one of the best couples I’ve shot with to date! Beautiful ceremony, beautiful reception, beautiful family- beautiful day. My best of luck and wishes to both families (who have now joined!) and a long, fruitful, and happy marriage to you both!


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