Man Behind the Lens.

Welcome to my photography blog. This is where you can find some day to day projects or small bits of inspiration I use to keep the ideas flowing. I’ll also post little blurbs about weddings I do, or other inspirational things I shoot that have an impact on what I do.

My name is Travis Rock, and I’m a photographer.

Travis Rock is a 20 year old Photographer residing in Middletown, Connecticut in the USA. Admiring being behind the lens rather than in front of it for most of his life, Travis started creating images at the age of 12 when his grandmother purchased him his first camera. After shooting 8 rolls of film on a family trip to Watch Hill in Rhode Island- Travis dabbled with photogrpahy on and off. In his Junior year of highschool, Travis decided he wished to pursue photography more aggressively and purchased his first digital camera. After exhausting that to it’s limits, he jumped into the world of Digital SLR cameras Senior year of high school and purchased a Canon Rebel XT. After testing the waters in other areas of photography and concentrating specifically on automotive he was given an oppurtunity to shoot his first wedding in July of 2010. This was an instant and drastic realization that wedding portraiture and portraiture in general was his bread and butter. Since then, Travis has shot 2 additional weddings, has several bookings for the upcoming months/years and talents improve daily. When not working or studying for classes, he is dilligently challenging himself with new and creative ideas with his camera. It is his ultimate goal to become a full time wedding/fashion/headshot photographer and has a talent in capturing emotion and making even the most camera shy clients rival the prescence of stars in front of the lens. Clients are not only clients- but returning customers, and friends. He prides himself in establishing a lax yet at the same time professional mood with his clients, and not only meets but exceeds client expectations. Book with him today and the only thing you’ll look twice at is the work provided for you.


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