First published piece.

I’m not sure if this counts as a published piece of work, but it’s out in public view for others to see, so I would consider it ‘published’, and I’m wicked excited about it!

The group shot I did for Jessica’s Color Room went up a day or two ago, and after getting quite possibly the best/most relaxing hair cut EVER at their salon- I decided I’d go check it out and take some pictures of it to commemorate the occasion.

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Addition to the family.

I received my new camera Friday, and opened it as soon as I got home from work. I was also- excited enough to forget to leave my windows down in my car- before a torrential downpour. Oh well. You live and you learn. Note to self for the future: Roll windows up before you get in the driveway. Read more of this post

Portfolio is now in the works!

I woke up Wednesday the 23rd rather early in the morning (compared to my normal sleep schedule, it was right around the time I go to bed actually) and checked a few online orders and their shipping statuses. Apparently FedEx flew my iPad from Alaska to Kentucky, then Kentucky to Windsor Locks in the matter of almost 8 hours- right after I checked it’s status the night before. Long story short- I got my iPad 2 a day earlier than anticipated.

It was packaged nice and secure as most things from apple are- and slid right out of the box. I’m not quite sure how, but I managed to get some shots of it as I was tearing through the box.

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Stepping outside with strobes.

Decided to finally take my vagabond II and White Lightning X800 Ultra Zaps outside for some playtime in some BEAUTIFUL mid-high 60 degree weather! Luckily, my good friend Jeff Feola brought up his ’93 Alfa Romeo 164s (very limited italian four door), so we drove around looking for places to shoot it. After an absolutely heavenly experience at F40 motorsports in Portland, CT- we decided to go near the Portland Bridge to take some shots. After having an ironic run in with a speciality exotic shop with not one, not two- but THREE Alfa Romeo Spiders on the lot (a car I’ve been seeking at a good price for about 6 months now) we decided to go right under the bridge and pop some shots out, after getting permission from the owner.

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Digital Portfolio.

Coming soon to TravisRockPhotography is a space-saving, multi-functional digital portfolio solution:

Yes- the iPad 2. Just announced today, it touts a 9x faster graphics processor, thinner form factor, and several other small upgrades. Instead of toting printed copies of files, this will become an all in one digital portfolio solution for both stills and video.

Stay tuned for more info!