Received my 1D MKIII in the mail today, and couldn’t be happier. I did a quick shoot in my driveway with my friend Brooke, and went inside to clean my sensor/upload the pictures. I started a tethered session, turned around, told her to look at me, and snapped this shot of her playing on my iPad 2.

Click the picture to see the others we took!


Being productive before class.

Let me precede this by saying I am beyond thrilled about this! This group shot of the lovely stylists at Jessica’s Color Room in Middletown, CT, is going to be posted on a billboard somewhere in CT! The location is TBD, but this will be updated with a location and picture when I find out!

Now the background story:

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Tried something new.

Tried something new with my lighting set-up.

Did a strobe with a reflector behind the backdrop camera left to blast out the wrinkles and use it as a diffusion cloth, and used an octobox slightly camera left.

Here’s my favorite of the set:

Click the picture to see the rest on the website!

For all you other fellow photographers, here’s the light set-up.