Your Investment.

Pricing for sessions are as follows:


1500$ For a full day of coverage, from whenever you wish until whenever you wish! Price includes myself and a 2nd photographer, and for larger weddings- an assistant. This will include all the detail shots, bridal portraits, covering the ceremony, reception, and anything you can think of on your wedding day. For smaller weddings the price is negotiable within reason. Prints are a-la-carte via my website, and are not included. You will be able to download the high res digital copies with watermarks off of my website to your convenience. Packages can be adjusted to fit your needs, email for anything out of ordinary!


250$ For a 2-3 hour session at the location of your choice (In CT, outside of CT there will be traveling fees- minimal if in the tri-state area.) Photographs will be edited and uploaded into a private online gallery on my website with the ability to download whichever you want. You may also order prints through the website.


250$ This includes a 1-2 hour headshot session at my studio in my house (or for an additional fee, on location wherever you’d like. (Again- within reason.) After editing and post processing the photos will be uploaded to my website (password protected if you wish) and you may buy prints off there. The photographs will also be available for digital downloads.

Musician Portraits/Band Promotional:

150-250$ Includes a 2-3 hour session if band (250$) or a 1-2 hour session if musican (150$). Includes editing and uploading onto website, with high resolution digital copies with watermarks.


250$ This includes a 1-2 glamour modeling session in either a studio environment or on location, depending on the requirements. Make-up is to be provided/applied by the model as there is no in-house make-up artist. You may bring a friend or family member to help apply it or assist you with wardrobe. Also includes uploading of digital copies onto the website in a locked gallery (if so desired) and prints would be a-la-carte.


Varies. Have a concert you want shots of? Family event? Corporate party? Anything out of the norm, or not listed here? Email me! We’ll discuss it and work something out.

NOTE: Upon request of a session and in order to secure it, a 50% deposit is required at least 2-4 weeks before the session in order to lock the date in, and avoid no-shows- wedding deposits are required to be 6 months in advance for appropriate time and schedule arrangements to be made.


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